QuattroTech All-in-One Blockchain

Crypto anonymity is over!? We’re here to make crypto great again! QuattroTech will provide a fully anonymity blockchain with untraceable transactions, with lightweight blocks, multilayer private key encryption, efficient and greener blockchain infrastructure with economic power consuming ``mining`` protocols. Join now and be a part of the crypto new age

QuattroTech All-in-One Blockchain

Crypto anonymity is over!? We’re here to make crypto great again! QuattroTech will provide a fully anonymous blockchain with untraceable transactions, lightweight blocks, multilayer private key encryption, and a more efficient green blockchain. Invest now and be a part of the new age of crypto.


Minimal Fees

Lower transaction fees make QTech that much more versatile than any conventional cryptocurrencies on the market today.


Static Block Weight

Most cryptocurrencies perpetually increase their block weight. QTech keeps the same block weight, making mining more economical.


True Anonymity

With QTech, transactions achieve the actual anonymity that blockchain technology has long promised but never delivered.


QTech is providing a new type of blockchain tech that ensures the continued security and growth of this cryptocurrency.

Our team of developers has set out to incorporate quantum encryption into the QTech blockchain, creating exceptional value through a paradigm shift in security. Cryptocurrency users will be protected both from losing their coins and from privacy breaches.

QTech is set to launch completely in 2022, but there’s no need to wait until then to profit. Our token is available today, fully exchangeable and swappable 1:1 upon QTech’s release.

Qwallet Features


Reward mechanism of 1% daily just for holding our BSC or ERC tokens on the wallet.


Fee’s Free Swap Platform, for you to swap your stablecoin to our tokens and via versa.


Multi security options and 2FA supported system to make you sleep well by storing your assets on the app.

Multi Assets

Multi coin and tokens supported by the app. Store all your coins/tokens in one place, multichain supported.


Our attractive referral program will allow you to earn by spreading the word of Q and bring friends to our community and expand.

User friendly

Our app is designed to make your life easy with a friendly user environment.




Deflationary Prices

With no minting function, you never have to worry about QuattroTech diluting your holdings. No additional tokens are minted following the initial release.


Earn More

With every transaction, holders of our QTech token on the Binance Smart Chain receive reflections. 5% of each transaction is distributed among everyone in proportion to their current holdings.


Stable Pricing

To ensure that our price floor stays stable, our QTech BSC token takes 5% of each transaction for the liquidity pool for PancakeSwap.


Marketing Wallet

The QuattroTech team maintains a 5% marketing wallet meant to handle all of the upcoming marketing expenses over the coming months.


Limited Supply

QTech has a limited supply of 1 billion, with no new minting ever. This ensures deflationary action, keeping the value of your tokens high.


Burn Fees

To provide even great wealth increases for our holders, every transaction has a 5% burn fee. These burns are sent to a black hole address where they’re gone forever, decreasing total supply and raising value.


Scheduled Burns

In addition to ongoing burn fees, 10% of the total supply of QTech is going to be burned every six months to keep prices on a steady growth pattern.


Earn From Holding

Holding just $10 worth of QTech lets you earn more every day with QTech Rewards. You’ll receive a 1% daily interest rate – no staking required!

Token Distribution

Our QuattroTech QTech token is a BSC token that will enable you to grow your wealth just by holding! When you buy our BSC token, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our growth ecosystem, with reflection, liquidity, and burn taxes applied to every transaction. Early adopters can still hold their ERC blockchain tokens as well!

Accelerate Your Wealth With QTech

QTech’s innovative approach lets you earn additional tokens every day. With a minimum holding of just $10 worth of tokens, you’ll receive a 1% daily interest rate. That’s the kind of rate that banks offer on an annual basis, but you’re getting it every single day. Exchange your profits today, or wait until QTech’s launch to swap 1:1. No staking is required.



Daily Interest Rate

Hold Just $10

To Kick Off Your Share of QTech Rewards


Q1 2021
Project Started.
Launch website (ALFA). ERC20 token launch. Marketing first wave.
Listing on uniswap/dex.
Wallet app dev started. Telegram official group created.
Listing on exchanges (whitebit exchange).
Listing on coingecko. Token burning mechanism activated.
Launch website upgrade (beta) version .
Launching wallet app. Launching POH mechanism. RFH protocol activated on app. Marketing wave2 start (for upcoming BC+mining v1).
Q1 2022
Lending platform infrustructures
Publication of the Qblock protocols+mining.
Publication of Qblock dedicated asic miner+pre-ordering option. More exchanges listing. Quantum encryption protocol testnet.
Open for listing projects + staking and reward futures.
Qblock launching + mining (alfa) test

Hold Your Tokens Securely

Our token and cryptocurrency are just parts of the QTech ecosystem, with our proprietary wallet app on the way soon.

For the highest level of security, you’ll be able to rely on our dedicated wallet app to hold your tokens securely while you receive your daily holding rewards. The app is completely free and will automatically update to accommodate our cryptocurrency when the time comes to swap your tokens.

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